How does one defeat Tham Kench on top? (If you are not Quinn)

So yeah. Tham Kench can outdamage any bruiser on topside while being more tanky than them. Tham has more movespeed then most of them. Its passive gives him more dmg in early and mid game than any of them has. Its easy AF to get the three stack on someone and stun them for like 5 sec with Q and W. When he stacks out his passive he also slows his opponent so it is literally impossible to flee him. If you try to just go for it and kill him he has much more hp and armor then you have so he duels you easily. If thats not enough with his E he restores the HP dmg he suffered or gets shield for his full hp if he wants. You are unable to kill him, unable to flee him and unable to farm beside him. I just cant even understand how is he not nerfed yet. Am I the stupid one here or do you feel him too strong too? Can you give me any idea how to defeat him? I think only Quinn or Teemo are viable counters but I cant counter pick him if I am the first pick. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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