Champions that can solo Dragon early! (Season 8)

Hello Summoners, How has your Solo Queue games been going? I hope you **win more often**. Anyways, as I was thinking of new ideas to **win more often**, I came across a result of some "research"... Here is a list of champions that can solo Dragon (Any kind) early on in the game (Levels are only RECOMMENDED): > **Fiddlesticks Lv3** | **Warwick Lv3** | **Aatrox Lv3** | **XinZhao Lv4** | **Jax Lv4** | **Shyvana Lv4** | **Nunu Lv4** **Elise Lv4** | **MasterYi Lv5** What runes you pick really depends on how you want to play it, I recommend starting with {{item:1041}}Machete +{{item:2003}}Pots for all ATS junglers so you can maximize your sustain while soloing. For **Fiddlesticks** (I've 93% win rate in 15 games with Fiddle) it's obviously {{item:1039}}Talisman instead of Machete, you also don't need Health Potions! And, as an "ending", I'm gonna list some solo dragon videos for a few of those champions (To help you do it yourselves): > 1- [**Warwick Level 3 Solo Dragon1**]( > 2- **[Warwick Level 3 Solo Dragon2](** > 3- **[Master Yi Level 3 Solo Dragon + Other useful tips & tricks](** > 4- **[Jax Level 3 Solo Dragon (I recommend level 4 still)](** > 5- **[Elise Level 1! Solo Dragon (This shit is new, I didn't know that Elise can do that at level 1)](** > 6- **[Aatrox Level 2! Solo Dragon (Red buff start)](** > 7- **[Aatrox Level 3 Solo Dragon. Also Solo Baron (EPIC!)](** Thanks for reading! LCS Pulse ('Capt Ahmad' in EUNE) League of Legends Cooperative Summoner

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