The Champion Banning Issue With League Of Legends

Yo Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share my opinion on something that has been bothering me for a long time in league and i always wonder why they haven't done it yet. which is the champion banning problem just to clarify i don't have an issue with the banning itself i only have a problem with the permissions with the bans. what permissions you say? i mean that if you intend to play a character for example (Fiora) the person on the same team can still ban it. and of course with this permission alot of toxic/trollers players will abuse this option i have encountered a lot of them and they have ruined A LOT OF GAMES FOR ME AND MY TEAMMATES which was very frustrating cuz we couldn't do anything about it. of course not all players are like that some do it accidentally some on purpose my point is RIOT PLEASE REMOVE BEING ABLE TO BAN A TEAMMATE CHAMPION FROM THE GAME best regards tete
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