Thank you RIOT for Fcuked up QUINN ulti

Ok straight to point.... (like previous version QUINN - R E combo) On multiple occasion when I am trying to run away from incoming team, the 1.5 sec cast time totally puts enemy team in my range rather than helping me run away. Also I was playing against Sivir bot lane, I was trading good and there were so many kill potentials but, when she instantly run away, I meanwhile am waitign for Valor to stop circling above me, SPOT Me and Pick me up. Even if I catch up, one hit from enemy and again I loose the lead without doing anything at all(mostly now in enemy side) Another point, while I am casting Quinn ulti, when the enemy minion hits WHY THE FCUK ULTI GETS CANCELLED... patch says only enemy and turrets can do it... If you ask me the Ulti is serving no purpose, if Quinn is publicized as scout, with W having so high cooldowns **Thanks for** **destroying** a much better earlier version of QUINN because only 5% of ppl knew to play her. **EDIT:** So as far as I can see, I am saying this on behalf of Quinn mains and not for people who barely played Quinn. Its pretty much obvious to learn the changes but people only protest when the change breaks something. Here the essence of Quinn is destroyed on whole. Another thing, I have recently moved from NA server (last month infact) so this is for all those who think of going ham on ranking and all
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