League of legends lore

Why has riot suddenly stop caring about lore or adding any back story or interactions with the champions they are releasing ? . If you go to champions and filter them by release date . from Azir to Illaoi . every single champions has between **2-4 lines of lore** written that do not make any sense or add any backstory or dimension to the champion . last champion riot released with a legit lore written was Gnar . why the sudden neglect of such a beautiful aspect of the game . i was one of the people that enjoyed reading Journal of justice whenever it was released . and im sure im not the only one who is sad and puzzled as to why riot suddenly does not put any effort writing a good lore if it's not for us , for the sake of your own champions , i mean for example Poor little azir . is the asscendant and emperor of shurima {{champion:268}} {{item:3070}} but all he gets is **two lines of text** into his lore . that's not a way to treat an EMPEROR !
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