Really beginning to prefer tank meta to this meta!

I dont know what anyone else thinks about all of this. but i'm finding that if a team gets a kill now days, that's the end of the game there and then. no one can ever really come back. champions that are not assassins are just one shotting people left right and centre. i would understand if they were mega fed, but this is from champions at the lower levels like a level 5 ezreal OSing a full hp sona at level 5 with q and w after only buying sheen and 2 long swords. Plus games are shorter than ever which i really hate as most games are decided before a team fight even breaks out. I only seem to be enjoying the game currently if nothing happens in everyone's lane and we all get to the late game and have a massive team fight. which just seems to be about 1 in 100 games. i just think there is too much damage in the game at the moment and everything needs to be dialled back a bit. I would like to know other people's thoughts!
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