Lucian mains, Why do pro players say the pros say Max W first?

I watched multiple patch videos this patch, and they say both Lucian and Urgot is now dead. And I was like why Lucian? The only thing he got was a pretty big nerf to his W, but isn't that the ability you max last? Then I watched Phreak's TLDR for the patch, and he says the cause every Lucian player has W has the most viable first max, that's why it's maxed first. The things I looked up myself about this was that his W is great to max manaflow band and checking bushes, and since it has same base damage as Q, it's not a complete letdown. But then I looked it up on wiki, and the ad-scaling on his Q is way better for max than for the W which doesn't even scale with AD. I'm not an adc player, but I am very curious about this, since my friend is a Lucian player who always max Q first.
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