Season 10 is a joke

1 Champions that dont belong in League {{champion:523}} 2 Making champions overpowerd and dont nerf then 3 Autofill mmmm oke lets troll 4 Unbalenced matchmaking Lv 40 and in high platinum already mmm totally not a smurf lets matchmake them with the level 100 + 5 Coinflip matches u get the trolls or u dont 6 Every game is full of trolls inters Afkers litterly 7 Dont care for the champs who get overnerfed {{champion:42}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:246}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:268}} will never be viable again 8 {{champion:131}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:64}} Let them stay overpowerd they sell skins 9 Dragons Objectives Yes more ways to flame the jungler 10 Win a game u get oke teams lose a game and u get Bad players in ur team for a few games in a row like its on purpose Movement speed reduced by 5 {{champion:38}} that will balence a champion that doesnt even walk
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