Udyr Changes 6.4 going the wrong way

As a 2 Season main, I think that the way he got nerfed is absolutely undeserved. He used to be the most balanced champ is the game for about 2 years. He had one change in 2 years: lower mana cost/level What suddenly made him popular is the AP jungle item. By nerfing the base stats and not the AP ratios, you (Riot) are nerfing all playstyles (AP and AD/Sated) Both builds I just love to run. Changing the AP ratios on W and R would fit better because it wouldn't affect the other 2 Playstyles as much because they are nowhere near OP. In addition to that, taking 3% movementspeed off the AP item isn't the real deal either. Lowering the damage of the "mini-Ludens" would do a better job at balancing the giant damage powerspike AP junglers get when they finish the item. But that's just my opinion on keeping AD/Sated healthy. Thanks for reading Tazzmani

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