Good bye League of Legends...

I'm playing since 2011 and I never seen something like that... the current META. Some say that it looks like the early stage of the game when champions didn't have predetermined lanes but it is just wrong. You could play anything in the early stage of the game because nobody knew what was the META. Today it is clear: if you want to win, you don't play an ADC, you don't play a squeeshy mage, you don't play a tank with no-damages, you don't play tanky support and soon a healer/shielder... If you want to win you either play a bruiser/assassin on whatever lane you like or one of those horrible combo (Master Yi+taric or Karthus+Nunu). There is nothing healthy about it. Riot removed entire strategies and gameplay wich were part of the game since 7 years for the sake of changing bot lane META... I never seen something so unbalanced and no fun to play. Games end at 5 minutes, after that it is pure and unstoppable bruiser's snowball. Well, this post is just an other QQ... but I wanted to write it since it will be the last I post. Good bye League of Legends, RIP, it was great to play you all this time... too bad your devs had to shit on you for the sake of "fresh gameplay".
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