Lee Sin - Custom games training.

Warning - my english isn't very well, i can make some language mistakes. Here is my short story: I always liked to play Lee Sin. Watched a lot of streams, played a lot of games as him. Finally i became a "good Lee Sin". But by last 3 months i got worse at him, my win ratio dropped same as KDA and league - then self-esteem dropped too. I want to be good again, and here is reason for this discussion. Some of you may know this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfmm40Ow-T8 Can you make some trainings for custom games like those in video? Something like 1h of ward hops, 1h of wardhop during Q, 1h of insecs etc. I wanted to hit diamond this season, but i wanted to do this as Lee Sin. You can help me get good again - and again climb to P1.
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