Warwick Loses his Point and Click Ult

Warwick loses his point and click ult, like {{champion:44}} lost his point and click stun and {{champion:26}} lost his point and click bombs because "Counterplay". I can get behind that explanation because it makes sense, especially with skillshots being more able to miss. What I cannot get behind is why Warwick loses his ult but... {{champion:107}} bush leap passive is point and click (Should be like {{champion:121}} leap - actually aimed) {{champion:84}} ultimate is point and click and she can spam it 3 times {{champion:238}} ultimate is point and click {{champion:1}} is STILL point and click {{champion:63}} ult is point and click Yeah, so is it one rule for the popular champions and another for the unpopular one's riot? Anyone else tired of this favoritism bullcrap?
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