Summoners Rift map.

So im playing League since end of season 2 i have more than 1000 wins and theres something i miss on the new map. First: the old summoners rift was waaaaay darker. Maybe its because im a Creepy nerd but the old dark feeling was way better in my opinion. 2nd: im still missing some details like this campfire for Red buff or those torches everywhere. 3rd: maybe its because everything on the map feels thicker but the old summoners rift had larger lanes. you had so much rooms for fighting. Im pretty sure this post wont change the map or maybe im just kind of an idiot who doesnt like the map, How about an Poll. I know there are still some people who could say yes but my pc is bad already and it wont be able to run lol, i mean the old map worked aswell and it wasnt as polished as this one tbh.
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