Who beats Vlad in 1v1 ARAM?

I've tried "counters" like Swain a couple of times but Vlad just out-sustains your poke until you run out of mana and then there's nothing you can do... He out farms you heavily. I've also tried to push him completely out of the lane with Heimerdinger but around lvl 8 and onwards he starts clearing waves faster because you can't keep up with the turrets and he quite easily avoids ultimates with his pool. Seems like you can't neither burst him because of his pool nor prevent him from farming because of his huge sustain and no mana requirements. Is there any champion that can deal with him in ARAM? I mean... built in sustain, survivability, range, no skillshots and like that's not enough he doesn't even need mana... Way too OP. So if anyone has experience feel free to share. Don't need theories.
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