Utility items get nerfed again? and the affect on the support role in general.

From looking at the 8.12 patch notes,; its going from bad to worst... Heal & Shield power nerfs on items: - Ardent Censor. - Mikael's Crucible. - Redemption. Stop this...... SUPPORT is suppose to be a supporting role and protect & heal,... WE NEED THIS... - People are playing FLAT AP Supports which is just a midlaner APing on bot. (Hell no!). - They have too much power in lane, whatever this is..., this is obviously not a support . - They might have a nice early game, but lategame, they are just a second AP, while a team specially the ADC could use utility from his support at lategame. - Pyke? just some Lethality support? AD crap? (Hell No!) its just another way to get people to play support with alot of damage, this is just sad. Those who mostly disagree are those who most likely are playing the damage on support as from what i would assume. Its not bad to deal some damage, but set your priorities, and a support's priority is to protect, heal and peel for your team. RIOT IS KILLING THE SUPPORT ROLE. Could be sort of the conclusion. Yet again yes we are not suppose to deal damage, but we forfill our task in other ways... -#Stop the extinction of the support role. {{champion:12}}{{champion:40}} {{champion:117}}
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