Which Champion requires the least / most funding to be effective?

Recently I played a game with Kha Zix and I was so behind that even when the enemy had 30% health and I had 100% health they could still survive my assassination. So I was wondering. What champ requires the most and what champions require the least funding to be effective. My idea: Least funding: Jungle: Elise / Lee Sin / Nunu Top: Nautilus / Nunu Mid: Any utility champion? Bot: Rip? Support: Every tank ever Most funding: Jungle: Any Assassin type Jungler (Eve / Kha / Rengar etc). Top: Any squishy type (Fiora / Yasuo / Teemo). Mid: Any AP with low utility (Cassi / Kata). Bot: Everyone? Support: Incredibly squishy like (Annie/MF). Note: take my assumptions lightly. I'm an ignorant silver/gold player :^)

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