I don't care what you think, but...

{{champion:67}} has to f*cking die off. This champion used to be high risk - high reward. Now it's nothing but farm few attack speed items, IE and get a penta kill blindfolded. Vayne gets stomped entire early game because she can't play properly? NP, AFK farm to late game and just 2 hit everything without having even risk of dying... Seriously, remove the 1s stealth mechanic, reduce her damage gain from Q and R. There's no reason why she would need such amounts of free damage and safety of 1 second stealth every two seconds. I would get if there was some direct counterplay to stealth, but there isn't, but even if there was, there's no reason for this sorts of damage. PS: I actually think most META ADC's are too OP. They're supposed to be champions that give constant DPS, not constant 1-2 hit burst-down-damage.
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