These level 16 powerspikes?

With the increasing popularity of "I'm unstoppable after level 16" I think the following additions would fit nicely with the current game and power creep: Renekton: At level 16, now generates fury constantly instead of losing it out of combat. In ult form, every ability is enhanced. Riven: At level 16, become permanently ulted and you can cast Blade of The Exile every 30 seconds (reduced by cooldown reduction) Karthus: At level 16, your ultimate does true damage Soraka: At level 16, gain bonus health regeneration equal to 100 (plus 100 per 200 ap) every 5 seconds. Tryndamere: At level 16, you become permanently ulted. Each time you receive lethal damage, you are stunned for 0.5 seconds. Ashe: At level 16, your slow becomes a root. Neeko: At level 16, your ultimate is split into two casts: The first one is a 800 range dash doing nothing, the second cast is the same as the current ultimate. Nasus: At level 16, Wither hurts the target champion, dealing 20% of max HP every second for 15 seconds. In ult form, your Wither gains 1500 bonus range. Kindred: At level 16, your ultimate only affects your allies. Mundo: At level 16, each time you land a cleaver, you're ulted free of the HP cost. Xerath: At level 16, gain 42 additional ult charges. Udyr: At level 16, gain a permanent spell-shield and Turtle Stance now has a unique cooldown of 2 seconds (reduced by Cooldown Reduction). Lose all mana costs. Heimerdinger: At level 16, your turrets become regular Summoner's Rift Towers. Morgana: At level 16, your Q triples in size and doubles in speed, and roots for 7 seconds (6 second cooldown, reduced by cooldown reduction).
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