Just bring back old urf with 10 bans

Like this game is not random we can assure that, some champions have a higher chance of appearing than others, just let us ban 10 champions and have fun with combos or something. "Normal Urf makes people leave our game" No what actually happens is people that already stopped playing the normal and ranked games come back to play only urf and when it ends they leave the game again. I don't understand. Sure there's people that perfer the "random" of ARURF but damn it is tilting when you literally have to grind 20+ games just to get one champion you want to try and you don't even know if it's gonna be a fun game because for all you know they could have a Fizz or Kassadin or Sona. (Because making Fizz, Khartus and Brand with higher chances of appearing is really gonna make the game more fun right) I understand people got over it, "ARURF is fine", it's really not, I remember the old days I used to anxiously wait for urf on Live servers and these days I prefer to play RANKED SOMETHING I NEVER PLAY over ARURF because I know I am just gonna get stomped or Stomp people duo to Luck. Easy Fix to make Urf exciting again: Make it not random (bring back costum games urf) 10 Bans
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