Suggestions to get out of Silver hell

Hi everyone, As probably many others, i'm actually feeling like i'm stuck in Silver ranks. I'm used to be a support main mainly playing {{champion:37}} and i was performing really well (managed to climb in few days from S5 to S2 and even reaching Promo for S1 and had a 70% winrate) however, starting from promo things started to change: i constantly got matched with solo laners that, in a matter of few minutes, managed to feed to oblivion their opponents making the game unrecovereable or getting matched with adcs that cause got some early kills thanks to some hard poke + R from my champ thought they were undestroyable and completely throwing the game in mid/late game by constantly going 1/2 vs 4/5 wasting the little gold advantage we had. Since this started, i got demoted to S3 and i'm actually scared to even play more games as support in ranked. I usually play with ADCs who added me after nice games and our lane is AT WORST on par even if we get targeted by enemy jungler (CC wise my ADC is always better or on par with the other one and K/D wise we at worst are near to the enemy lane) however as i said, most of the time the game is a certain lose cause while we can be maybe 5-2 on botlane, at the same time in toplane there's an enemy Irelia who's 80+ CC and 6/0... Cause of this i considered changing lane and i'm here to ask you, who's the best picks for hard carrying in Silver ranks with current patch in your opinions? Champs i'm actually able to play decently (according to scores i get in normals/flex) are: Support: {{champion:99}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:63}} (Special mention about Brand: it usually depends on wheter we get targeted from enemy jng and wheter our mid laner is getting crushed or not if i can perform decently with him) Top: {{champion:23}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:31}} Mid: {{champion:99}} Jng: {{champion:19}} I was thinking about spamming Tryndamere and going for the splitpush strategy, could it work or should i consider learning another champ? I'm also starting learning {{champion:7}} in normals cause i really like champ mechanics even if i know it's a really hard champ to master (i'm actually watching high elo players streams to learn her while i train myself in normals. Once got decent with her, could she be a good pick too?)
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