do you think riot is going to ban me for this?

the match i played as nasus our jungler shaco kepts spamming for me to help him blue ???? and had like 3 jack in the boxes a waiting and the team wanted to report me for not helping shaco ? WTF ? IM DONE THIS IS THE WEIRDEST REASON TO REPORT SOMEONE EVER i am not lying trust me here is how the chat kinda was ; Shaco : help me nasus blue Me ; but you can solo you have jack in the box? lux: omg nasus why no help shaco ? shaco : nasus report for no help Cho'gath : nasus noob -_- did this guys really think that riot is going to punish me for not helping shaco leash? Edit : shaco was level 4 and he had a skin , so he must know alot about shaco .
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