Season 9 Might Be Worse then Season 8? Might This Be The End?

I hated season 8, I really did. The worst season of all time. Well I don't wanna talk about why season 8 is the worst of all time, but it's the way it is. Over powered champions ruined worlds, Solo Q more toxic then ever, Riot Incredible ban system(lol) and what not. Miserable Riot %%%. However, Season 9 might be worst. We already saw how Riot dealt with OPs. Just removed them from the game. All the time I put in to learn Akali, Irelia and Urgot to be the worst human being on the planet. Look they balanced them. Just removed them from the game so other OPs can take their place. Jungle is ruined, Top lane was always ruined, Support(lol), ADC (can't stop laughing about this). Pro play is ruined. Obviously, Who wants to see faker play lissandra every single game. LEC is dead almost. LPL xD. NA LCS is a joke XD. They ruined it all when they said "We like snowball meta and we trying to keep it that way". xD. Yup we all had that 0 15 bot lane that is constantly blaming each other or the jungler whatever is worst. I want comebacks Dude give us back. I don't wanna play a game where mid just got solo killed twice and then jg ganked mid and gameover. It's truly frustrating how Riot can't understand that everyone hates snowball meta shit meta dude. Change the game to what it was in start of season 8. No OPs, No Snowballs, No CAncer. please.
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