can we delete yasuo?

i cannot stand this champion jumping everywhere with e, doing absurd damage after only 2 items, getting away of gank somehow after going trough the creeps wave 3 time. winning every trade at lvl 1 and 2 at top lane; beceause he stack fervor of battles faster than you. kiting you ... as a melee player only, it makes me tilt to see this guy, kiting me just using his Q and dealing me half of my hp before i can finally auto attack him. i play a lot of tryndamere, and i can GUARANTEE my dps is LOWER than yasuo'dps. maybe if he stay cac range like an idiot my dps will be SLIGHTLY better, but it is very close, for a champion that have such good mobility, insane ultimate, a wall that block cc, bonus shiled, bonus critical, + ranged AA, and a bump, to also outdamage me when i am playing tryndamere , it feels really frustrating. laning against yasuo isn't fun. i get tilted just to be harassed by this guys in lane without being able to trade. he just bump you and get away. i seriously hate this champion. and i dont even know what need to be changed so he is not this frustrating to play against. his e is what make him so stupid but without it he would be garbage. without his shield he would probably be unviable at midlane. can we just delete him .
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