Lower division players in higher divisions

Why i, a gold player get unranked or low silver players sometimes even bronzes in my games. I played a lot of games this season in solo duo mode. What I've noticed is that usually when I get low silver players, unranked players or bronzes I lose game. I just played a perfect game and i lost why because i had silver 4 Tristana in my game She didnt do anything in game absolutely anything except feed. Her last 2 games were 1 12 and 1 12. Why did i get her in my rank, couldnt she get some silver or bronze players? I just lost 6 games in row and this isnt biggest loss strike this season. Every game i get incredibly bad players. Either i have win streak or lose streak. How is that possible? Just what kind of algoritam lol use for matchmaking? Why cant everyone be same division, i can wait for players in same div like me. Dont give me random players. Sorry for bad English
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