PSA thresh morg players below diamond

1.) Thresh stop starting lane with Q lvl 1. Landing Q in most lvl 1 situations isnt worth it and more likley a bait for you and your adc to have a terrible trade. Most of you dont even know when and who to engage on. Most of you just wanna land one. This combination is terrible. Start with E lvl 1. E gives enhanced auto dmg , helps shove the lane (since you also hit minions) and is able to hit both enemy support and adc. 2.) Morg STOP starting lane with Q lvl 1. You are not gonna hit it. Most of you just throw it out randomly as soon as you come to lane. It has a 10sec + cooldown and until its up again you leave your adc to 1vs2. Stop. If you start Q you have to hold it until its 100% and attack aggressivly with auto attacks. Since most of you supports lose the ability to use auto attacks. STOP. Start W instead. With aery you can poke both players and help push for lvl 2. You can thank me later for your elo.
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