We need system that prevent playing new champs in ranked

Why Riot can do the system that will not allow you to pick champion you first/second time play in ranked. Why i should to play with top who has 5 games on Fiora and every game 0-9, 1-10... (snd this guy have positive winrate on other champs so he cant play only Fiora and keeps spamming it in ranked) I undestand that there are a lot of people with second and new acc. You can make a system that you either should play 20 games on champ in normal, or have 1 solid perfomance S- for example. If you had S in normals vs people you dont have to play 20 games and start ranked. So smurfs will fast unlock champ for ranked and people who cant play this champ will be forced to play 20 games at least. Maybe S a bit high- average grade would be enough - A for example, it is easy to achieve if you are farming and not feeding

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