Do you plan on keeping Juggernauts this way?

Especially Mordekaiser. I don't mind losing. Any game can be lost by making mistakes. But watching a 0/7 Morde, come down to mid (or up if adc, or just be mid if mid) with two items, and one shot anybody (I was tank support, but it didnt seem to matter), makes me wonder. Do you think it is beneficial for the League and community to leave it this way? It makes games so much less enjoyable (unless you are that Morde, then you just watch HP bars melt), and it requires no actual skill. Come, press Q, and purely basic attack down the map. I keep track of patch notes, so I could be ready for all the tweaks, and this is what we got considering Juggernauts: Garen got some nerfs (but only to his Q bonus movement speed lol). Skarner got some nerfs on mana regen (nothing big really). Darius got some buffs and nerfs on his healing (but they neutralize each other, so not really much). Mordekaiser - not even touched. Not even mentioned. And it's not pleasant for League players. Like I said, I don't mind losing, I can enjoy a loss if it was well played by enemy team, or if we made a stupid dive, bad focus or something. But I will never understand being deleted from a 0/7 Mordekaiser.
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