Carry????Riot plz.

Straight to the point.Carry.How you wanna carry when your team is so...bad.Im plat normali in plat people are more strong then silver gold right?Good.Last 3 games happend like this(remember that they are all plat players)First game:bot 0 10 5 mins np happens..2 game mid bot 0 7 5 mins.3 game 1 player asked me can i go adc..sure man i go jungler.I did good very good.Top pick kassa ...Dunno why is bad pick anyway his problems..He lose hard very hard mid play safe good i gank top i destroy khazik in jungler bot 5 mins 1 7 mf..Ok np bard troll etc etc..So..Many players says o no you can carry bla bla bla go hell guys..This is plat and people play like bronze.So riot is this luck for climb???My friend told me diamond are bad players too and you need to carry them for win so?????Whats the point in ranked..Silver is like plat i swear.How you wanna carry such bad players very very bad.I dont say you lost lane but in 5 mins get 7 deaths +3 4 of your support is just... so bronzie.Lets not talk about top.Carry plz tell me how riot im curious.Honestly should be a report for such bad players that play so poorly all games..I watched their match history and all games are so badly..So plz ..Report for this players to put them where they belong silver bronze not plat.Getting boosted is horrible getting luck to climb is worst.Why riot dont change that..(Sorry my english not my main)
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