Kalista champion concept and game-play rework proposition

Skipping through the usual win-rate gripes (even in higher elo she is lowest), skill-cap ceiling (best ADC to learn positioning on, as passive is such a double edge sword), or even how little damage she actually has in her kit (roughly 120% auto's rend damage included, equivilent to Xayah with her W, but who still has blade caller to well out burst)... One of the main problems with Kalista in lower elo is the reliance on synergy between two players, and their champions, without that she has two combat abilities and no ultimate. She is the Spear of Vengeance, and lore-wise is summoned by someone willing to sacrifice their life because of their desire for vengeance on someone they viewed to wrong them. He give her gameplay more thematic relation to her lore, make soloQ easier, and revamp a very low win rate I propose the following: P: Champion secondary resource change, from Mana to a new mechanic Vengeance: Mana regen/pool items do not affect Vengeance (with buscuits counting as manaless so more HP). Any allied champion that takes damage near Kalista, or herself damaging enemy champions will fuel the Vengeance bar. Starting vengeance level, absorption from new passive, and ability costs obviously need balancing, but similar to current mana cost / pool ratios. Q: Pierce mechanic update Q is solely 100% AD ratio, but can crit, levels increase a new anti armour mechanic. Processed codewise like so: Transfers current stack spear stack count to target hit. Provides armour penetraion of the spear stack count on target multiplied by the skill level as a flat number. (since its penetration not reduction, cannot be less than 0 armour) Apply the AD damage If the unit dies continue projectile Repeat loop till max range. W: Sentinel QoL Active: Sentinels spotting enemy champions gives truesight and slows them for 1 second Passive: Additional to the current passive, Enemy champions that damage either the Sentinel or Oath-sworn, Soul marks them. (lets it be more useful when with melee support not range) E: Rend QoL Passive: Crits apply an additional spear stack, additive with {{item:3124}} effect so only three not four. (90% ad ratio on auto's and no abilities that crit kinda makes a mockery of {{item:3085}} a core item, having crit stat... rip the old 70%AS). R: Fates Call Passive: when her oath-sworn dies All normal skill cooldowns are reset, and she is at full vengence. Standard cast: still the same. (kept for the duo synergy) Self Cast: Kalista and her oath-sworn both produce a 550 AoE, enemy champions caught are slowed for 1 second, if caught in both AoE zones, they are rooted instead. Oath-sworn's AoE still works at location of their death. (allows her to have some self peel even without her support being alive or capable).
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