Is Akali a tank or an assassin? Or both?

[(] I guess Akali can build spirit visage, zhonia and some health AP items and become a %%%%ing tank, since she dove me at my nexus towers. And nooooo, dont tell me ''She's ahead bro, every champion would do that when ahead''. Allow me tell you, NO GODDAMN ASSASSIN CAN DIVE THE NEXUS TOWERS FOR 5 GODDAMN SECONDS AND NOT DIE. But yeah, shes Akali, she is Assassin/Tank with a Bloodthirster+Lich Bane as passive. And an eternal stealth that cant be revealed with pinks. Oh and lets not forget you dont even need to build a lot of AP for her Q with like 2 sec cooldown to deal massive amounts of damage for free. Also lets remember how many skillshots she has, oh yeah, 0
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