Can we please improve the report/ punishment system in this game

So I've been playing league for a good 3 years now and quite frankly I'm sick of how little reporting people actually does to curb toxicity. It seems like reporting people doesn't do anything other than alert a broken ai that doesn't know what toxicity actually is so I present some Ideas to solve the problem because complaining alone does nothing 1. present to us the player what we can actually get banned for so far I've been able to work out that Hard inting will only get you banned after multiple reports however the ai seems to rely on trigger words to flag you and ban you for example i have only ever been banned once for saying %%% now up until that point i hadn't been reported for a long time however based on that one word i get a ban the solution: change the system so it doesn't just flag words add in a system that lets players review games if making an ai is to hard like the system csgo has 2. make getting banned for longer easier right now it takes a loooonnnngg time to see any real punishment solution: depending on what you get reported for the following happens for toxicity in chat after 3 reports a 2 week chat ban this doubles after another 3 reports and so on if you hit 15 reports for toxicity you get handed a 1 month ban for trolling etc you get 3 reports after those 3 you get a 2 week suspension you get another 3 its 1 month suspension increase by 2 weeks per 3 reports up to maximum of 15 on the 15th report for trolling etc you get a 6 month ip ban obviously ddosing, scripts or other game altering enhancements results in a permanent ip ban will this curb all toxicity no but will clear and harsher punishments ultimately make people realise that %%%%ing around and being a complete prat isnt how you should act even if you can see someone irl probably side not: riot really should try to fix they're system that flags language because it only seems to include phrases and insults that are used in na and honestly i see a fair bit of racism and just generally horrible language used which doesn't get picked up
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