Ranked Preseason

A few days ago i finished my 10 games for the preseason and i got placed in gold 4. And today when i logged on i had to play 1 more apperently beacuse of something with the matchmaking. After i finished the game i got Silver 2. I feel like Riot just screwd me over. If there are matchmaking issues it should not affect me as a player. Its their fault, not mine. And i am being punished for this, is just absurd. I understand that something was wrong and they had to fix it but i feel like i deservd gold 4 after those 10 games. But Riot games dont like people like me, who work hard to accive their ingame rewards. They only care about E-sports. If Riot mesed up with the ingame rankings, its not my fault and i feel like I am being the one pusnished for this. Ty Riot for makeing my experiance worse, :/

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