Improve the quality of games: Display the player's primary Keystone in Champion Select

I know Riot are lazy when it comes to dealing with reprogramming the client, but after climbing through Gold in Season 10, I realize how many games/losses could have been (prevented) dodged if I knew that my Elise was going to use Dark Harvest, or my Fiddle going Predator. Because this is mainly a problem in lower elo's I doubt that this will be implemented, and I also want to mention that I am aware that you can get a hint of what keystones players are using through websites such as I just feel that the Champion Select would be more complete with this information included, next to the Summoner Spells. Isn't that what Riot wants for the game? Any feedback is appreciated, just had to put it out there, Solo Q is in a really bad state overall with all the bought accounts and smurfs. **Suggestion: display players' primary Keystone in Champion Select, next to the Summoner Spells.** **Problem: current severity of dodging penalty.** **Solution: lower the queue dodge penalty to 5-10min permanently and modify the LP loss amount slightly. Solution (2): let us be able to dodge, and return to client-side with champion locked in. We shouldnt have to close down the client in order to leave a champion select, what is this, prison? Where is the "Dodge"-button? Solution (3): by reducing LP loss from dodging a player can roughly maintain his proven ELO/MMR and not be anxious about having a bad game. ** **Result: increase the quality of each (ranked) game.** **Argument: i'd honestly like to wait 2 times longer in queue to reduce the chance of having a bad game, and I am sure most genuinely competitive (Ranked) players, does too.** {{champion:112}} _Revolution is death, and rebirth!_
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