Kled is just a gnar on mega steroids.

Why is kled is just a Supper buffed version of gnar? He has simillar passive, but Much much stronger one. and get Rage way to quick, let alone remove CC and Damage, yet gnar on his rage that he probably cant even generate in a single fight, only get like what? a mare 200 hp? and to top it all, his mega gnar form is clearly bad outside of teamfights? Why is that a thing? why kled passive is beyond broken why doesnt kled have a couldown like gnar on his rage? and to top it all he has an AOE ult that basically give a free engage for the whole team, that basically ensure that if the enemy team is just a little out of position its insta win. Oh i forgot he also unkillable 1v1, because he can remount in 3 basics attack, this is absurd. Edit: His passive is more like anivia/Zac passive. but with a key difference. he has mobility he has damage, and if he fights back he actually get his original form faster then anivia or zac, AND he %%%%ing have 0 cd on it. So ill change my complain. Why doesnt zac and anivia permanently have their passive while kled is allowed to have it permanently. while his version is far more superior to their passive.
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