PLease riot put your shitt together and fixe game, Its getting insane how careless u become

I honesly dont get what is wrong with riot games. Do they seriously like dont care about league anymore or What ? The game is in shity stat and probably the shitiest stat it ever been or will bee, Balance is pathetic at this point, Punishement system is not working and match making is joke, Client is way too bugged and fail to load u into game every 4 or 5 games and just so on. and under all of this, Either riot employers are lying or covering the truth from there bosses or They simple like this "i can miss everything and still blow some1 in 0.5 seconde meta" and considering it succes. PLease riot, Please, Pleas, im begging u, Do something, Open ur eyes and see the truth. Everything been disasture since the runes reforge and ur balance team is just making it worst patch after patch and god know what disasture they gona cam up with in world patch. Please riot listen to ur community and actualy start paying attention to whats happening to ur game. I bet that big % of playerbase are playing of addiction or just hope that this shity stat may get better one patch. Please riot ...
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