Bring back spellvamp and some suggestions for Unsealed Spellbook

Like for real, just instead of** "heal for x% of dmg dealt"** you could say **"spellvamp x%" ** Also for ya old folks there, remember when spellvamp affected {{summoner:11}} ? -------------------- You know that rune **"Unsealed Spellbook" **in the inspiration tree? I think it has potential if it could **change your summoner spells to:** {{summoner:32}} {{summoner:31}} {{summoner:52}} {{summoner:50}} And instead of summoner spells having cdr reduction, **they would instead be buffed**, for example: {{summoner:14}} - Grants **Wild fire** **Wild fire:** >If the target dies while under the effects of **Ignite**, then it spreads to the nearest enemy champion {{summoner:3}} - Grants **Out of breath** >Slow increased to 99% and |**silences** the target for its duration and duration is reduced to 0.75 seconds to 1 second based on level or **Increased reduced damage dealt to 65%**|; _The silence seems a little too OP so the duration should be nerfed_ {{summoner:7}} - Grants **Healing Buddies** >You and the healed target get **Healing Touch** for 5 seconds; **Healing touch:** champions under the effect of this are healed for 25% of damage dealt from any allied champion under this effect (even you); {{summoner:4}} Grants **In the blink of an eye** >After using flash, Grants 200% movement speed for 1 second; {{summoner:13}} Grants **Relaxing Meditation** >Channel for 2 seconds, Grants 25% of maximum mana and reduces the cooldown of your basic ablities by 3 and ultimate by 6 seconds every 0.5 seconds of channeling; _Moving, attacking or casting spells will interrupt the channel;_ {{summoner:51}} Grants **Spooky Ghost** >Increase the starting and maximum movement speed by 10-25% based on level and for the next 10 seconds fear nearby enemy minions and pets for 2.5 seconds and give them **Terror**; **Terror: units under this effect lose 30 of their armor and magic resist, lose all buffs and can not be buffed, healed or shielded** {{summoner:21}} Grants **Reflective Barrier** >While barriers shield is active, **bounce back any projectiles that hit you**, if it was a **skillshot throw it back in the opposite direction;** **Projectiles still damage the barrier but do not damage the champion if it dealt more damage than the shield remaining;** **Melee basic attacks** and **Aoe Spells** are not reflected; {{summoner:1}} Grants **Soul Cleanse** >**Removes suppression** ~~as well and making you **untergatble for 2 seconds** while still being able to move~~,** Removes all DoT effects **(damage over time) and ~~**silences you and disarms you for 2 seconds;**~~ {{summoner:39}} - should stay the same; {{summoner:52}} - Nefr a little; {{summoner:50}} - Revives to 50% health and increase the cooldown a by 100 seconds; Now that rune unlocks new gameplay and new play styles.
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