Pray for Diana (patch 9.11)

Nerfs: 1. Base mana reduced (her early game is already bad will just make it worst) 2. Passive ap ratio decreased 20% (20% really riot really ?????) 3. (Removed) Restores mana (15% AP) 4. (Removed) Casting an ability grants Diana 30% − 90% attack speed attack speed ''Buffs'': 1. Base attack speed increased 2. Attack speed per lvl increased 3. (New) Passive procs now grant diana 20% movement speed for 2 sec 4. Her Q will reveal enemies in the end of it (wtf??? is this even a buff her Q already reveals enemies) 5. E cd reduced (skill that no one cares with a huge amount of cd, mana needed and 0 damage ...) So basically they traded the attack speed on proc passive for more base attack speed and the attack speed per lvl increased, reduced 20% passive damage for 20% movement speed for 2 sec (that only makes sense for riot somehow ...) and removed the only way diana has to get mana, this makes total sense ... since diana is the ap champ that has less mana in the late game (diana mana lvl18 - 712, ekko mana lvl 18 - 1130, sylas mana lvl18 -1130) so expect Diana to have no mana and no damage in the next patch ... She is already a bad champ and these changes will just make it worst. Pls if u have and opinion about this and don't want these changes to happen comment something or just vote if u can. Like diana is my favorite champ and it's sad that i will have to stop playing her cause she just can't stand against champs like ekko, sylas or even akali with these changes ... Vote no not only for diana but for all of u who have to play meta champs cause all the others are garbage !!!
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