Again one of those "Mordekaiser support". Riot should remove Relic Shield from suggested items.

Riot needs to remove the Relic Shield from Mordekaiser&#039;s build because it&#039;s luring players that are unable to read any of the hints suggesting that he&#039;s meant to be a melee carry, into playing him support, causing quite the confusion. Just now i had to dodge a game because i had one of those "I go support" and then he picked Mordekaiser with Flash and Exhaust. And no, Mordekaiser can&#039;t support. He has good scalings (That&#039;s why he&#039;s carry... He needs farm), but mediocre base damage. Means he shouldn&#039;t support. Total lack of help for the ADC and the kicker, his whole kit pushes the lane, exposing ME to ganks. What if the enemy jungler ganks? We both die. Because he picks Mordekaiser support. SUPPORT. Yes, yes, League of Legends players can&#039;t read and that&#039;s fact, since the patch notes clearly talk about a CARRY and not a SUPPORT and about how **Mordekaiser can >>>farm<<< and gain 100% of the experience by !!!KILLING!!! minions despite being in a duo lane.** I&#039;m not very sure why players think that a Mage\Fighter style champion with zero crowd control, zero mobility and zero utility can support. "Hey, but why they suggest to buy the relic shield then?" Because Riot likes the idea of bruisers going duo bot and both buying that item. For example, you take Mordekaiser and i take something like Maokai or Sion or whatever. But if i pick god damn Lucian, don't pick Mordekaiser support, for the love of god. I know this is quite an over-reaction but this is making me cringe, is it so complicated to read? Like... THIS MUCH COMPLICATED? "hey guys i called mid but someone else took it so i'll support with Mordekaiser" I just can't imagine someone locking this in and genuinely thinking it's supposed to work this way.
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