Lee sin's buff is unacceptable

This guy has one of the most oppressive early games amongst all champs. He can make your jungle a hell and at the same time snowball every lane. And this is all acceptable because he has a trade-off. His early can be godlike but after midgame and especially when big teamfights start to happen in lategame he falls off. That is the other side of the same coin. He trades earlygame domination for lack in lategame presence and damage. The upcoming buff to his ult _ "Every time the target collides with an enemy champion, the target also deals 12/15/18 % of their bonus health as physical damage."_ is therefor unacceptable since it goes against this logic that makes Lee somewhat balanced. From mid-lategame he can simply kick the tank, who is supposed to stand in front of his team, right into the carries and deal quite a lot of damage and therefor improve his mid/lategame and teamfight potential. Reducing Lee's mid/lategame weakness at no expense since he has one of the best early games is therefor unacceptable
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