I'm done with playing against Yasuo

so Ive played some games as jungler these days and I lost every game that enemy team had Yasuo..today I decided to camp mid and and kill him as many as possible and counter jugnle other lanes and I did it: 0/5/0 yasuo and 0/3/0 nunu was the result in min 15 and I was 8/0/2 as xin ! btw that feeder yasuo ended up carrying the team again after building like 2 items(he was too tanky and had lot of dmg idk why) this always happens to me and I never feel like that allies played bad. he always carries after buidling handful of items. I just cant ban him because I hate YI even more. what should I do to him? how to counter him when he still carries the game after such feed!

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