Are we playing the same game?

Looking at champions' abilities and features I'm not sure all 10 people on the map are actually playing the same game. Quite the opposite in fact. What do I mean? Well, 50-70% of champions (below 4000BE) have QWER and leveling up due course of the game those get stronger and/or on shorter CD. Now take Kayn/Rengar/.. basically any 4800+ champ and compare. 1000 dashes, 10000 teleports, invisibility, self heal, terrain traversal, choice what to select, what to collect, ...aaaaaaand those getting changed/modified with leveling up!! Really, Tencent? I have nothing against getting more interesting and complicated gameplay mechanics, but this is a teamfight-centric game and 10 people SHOULD play with more or less same ability set. Truth be told LoL is just a game where new people vs smurf accounts opened is showing a dead end.

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