Any advice for this scrub adc main?

I play adc and top Whenever I play adc if I will lane I get like 8-9 cs/m and usually end up winning game but when I lose lane hard because of camping or heavy roams from midlane my cs drops like crazy to 5-6 cs/m and I end up useless as my damage is negligible in that case, when I lose lane and if one more lane lost it's most probably a lost game as I can't carry from disadvantage As I play solo and have autofilled sup for like 90% of games winning lane is not something I can do frequently as I am not Challenger Smurf Should I keep on playing adc or switch to solo lanes till I reach some decent elo And how should I play as adc when I am behind , usually it's like when I am behind I can't clear wave quickly mid/jg will show up contest every cs push wave to a point where I can't cs without getting killed then they leave putting me even behind
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