How to Fix Veigar

Dear Riot, due to the recent removal of DFG, RIP in peace, you have felt the need to alter the way some of the champions that used it were played. Some got massive buffs, Ahri, some have changes that are hardly even recognizable, and then there's Veigar. While it's nice to see you trying to 'buff' him, it is apparent that you have gone about it in the complete wrong way. It seems as though the problem people have with the old Veigar is that he just stuns you instantly and one shots you. But he is not the only champion that can do this. Annie is even stronger at doing this. But she gets a free pass because her targeted aoe stun is an ultimate. But the difference between Veigar and Annie is that Annie actually has the ability to ones hot you or your team before you even have the chance to build items to counter her. By the time Veigar has enough damage to one shot you, you should easily have the gold to buy a banshee's or QSS. So all in all I feel as though the old Veigar was not OP in anyway. There is nothing positive coming out of the new kit Veigar has and surprisingly it has nothing to do with the stun nerfs which actually seems completely balanced now. The problem is with his q, baleful strike, and his w, dark matter. While turning his q into a skill shot that can hit 2 enemies at once and thus allowing you to farm more, faster and from a safer distance may seem like a buff, it is actually a ridiculous nerf. The old Veigar would use his q as a harass tool in lane and farm when he got the chance, otherwise you were just surrendering your lane to your enemy. With q being a skill shot it has become a much less reliable trading tool. But this is definitely not the problem with the new Veigar. The problem is his w. Perhaps the single most useless ability in the game right now. While people complain that the stun delay kills Veigar, I disagree. The old Veigar basically had 1 ability in 2 spells, but it was one REALLY nice ability. Being able to lock someone up and deal that huge damage to them was completely satisfying but with no way to lock his enemies up reliably, there is no way to land your w on an enemy with even the slightest degree of intelligence. All of this combined leaves us with a champion who's only significance is in the very late stages of the game where he can deal ridiculous damage to an enemy team, with an aoe stun on a short cool down and high damaging abilities coming out right left and center. But this leaves Veigar ridiculously weak in the early game and still pretty weak in the mid game, where teams can pull ahead or fall very far behind and so you become reliant on the other lanes to carry you through this phase of the game and in solo queue this is not reliable at ALL. The reason Veigar is so weak mid game, in my opinion, is because he is so reliant on his team mates being able to lock down his enemy for him to land his abilities, that he has the most atrocious laning phase in the game. The reason I think it's so weak is because he has no 'reliable' way to trade in lane. If he tries to use his combo on his enemy to get some harassment down, then he is going to be drained of mana incredibly quickly and with the ending result being so unlikely to deal any damage, it's not even worth trying. So the best way I believe that Veigar can be fixed is by making his w an easier ability to land. All these buffs to his e and q are pointless because they still do not help him land his w and quite frankly if this ability was fixed Veigar would be completely fine. Of course with his w dealing such high damage, it can't just be an ability that you can fire off during team fights and easily land on multiple people like a Xerath w. So what if it was given a unique interaction with his stun? Similar to Jayce and his abilities? For example if the w used inside of the cage, it would fall significantly quicker than if used outside of the cage. Another idea would be to make the zone inside the cage slow the enemies making his other abilities easier to land as a result. I feel as though with changes like these Veigar could be a pretty strong pick for solo queue, but still have his weaknesses, namely his early game, where he would have little mana, no escapes and very little way to harass his enemies. Thank you to anyone who managed to read even half of this ^_^

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