Augmented Singed in-game looks ridiculous (and extremely different from splash-art)

Basically, I have noticed how in-game, the skin "Augmented Singed" looks very different from what is shown in the splash art, and generally it just looks ridiculous. Augmented Singed is clearly meant to be a really buffed up version of regular Singed, and in the splash art it looks great. However, in-game it almost looks like someone forgot to change anything from his neck up (in terms of size). Also, the collar of his suit, according to the splash art, is maybe an inch thick before meeting with his neck. In-game however, it is this massive hole leading down to a tiny head, which makes the rest of his body look like it's a muscle suit of sorts. Surely this cannot be as intended. I will include two screenshots of Augmented Singed in-game and one of his splash art for comparison, to show how weird it looks. Thanks for reading.
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