Harder to climb in season 7?

Greetings summoners, I returned to LoL after being away for like a year. ( i got gold 4 in season 6 and just stopped playing because of other games like overwatch and WoW). This season i got placed in silver 3. I experience alot of salt and toxicness this season. what bothers me the most are the bad team mates this season. it's like they don't even know how to properly CS or when to go in or not. I've lost alot of games because teammates were feed and got way to greedy and kept dying because they kept diving the enemy. throws are a real problem atm. another problem is tilting. HOLY SHIET, i got alot of teammates who die 1 or 2 times and tilt very hard and type things like: ff at 20 or im done i go afk etc. im like dude calm down we can still win the game just play safe. ( they dont listin ofcourse). i never get easy games anymore. when i win i really need to try hard and carry my bad teammates with scores like 3-13 and stuff. i don't mind to carry people but damn these games are intense and exhausting. Are people more serious this season or are they just worse then the last season? what do you guys think?
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