So I managed to promote to gold 4 and was wondering a few things a hoped that you guys could help me out. If I am posting in the wrong section the moderators or rioters can move it to the right section. So my questions are 1st Is there decay in gold and 2nd. Probably a bit early to ask but will the rewards for ranked(the skins) be available for people who are gold like in the past or will there be changes. I am asking this because i got really dumb teammates 2 games in a row-last game 0 9 supp 4 11 jg(who did not respond even though the enemy heca ganked 3 times and I lived somehow) and a 3 8 mid. This is not a rant about how I get noobs every game-that simply isn't true but after promoting and losing 2 games I am scared of demotion a want to stop playing soloq. That is why I was wondering about the decay and the rewards.
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