DynamicQ Is Bad.

I don't fxcking care anymore if people gonna shit on me saying my opinion is crap. DynamicQ is shit you can't even play soloq anymore because if you get 3 or 4 premade in your team and you do bad or give your opinion or just a tip, they will spit some flames on you like they being some rapper gang roasting you the entire match and that ruin's your experience and yeah of course you can mute but they will always be spamming that all chat ''report this guy'' and if 3 or 4 people says that in all chat the enemy 9/10 will believe them. You got also these team's which be useing skype the entire match and says NOTHING IN CHAT and at some point in every skype call they will blame someone and then they will start to flame. Just bring back the SoloQ and if you wanna play with your friends go ranked team you also get rewards from that jeez I felt like riot was doing every season more and more bad with changes and I didn't mind but this just makes me wanna stop playing LoL and I'm pretty sure not the only one. (And of course the dynamicQ fanboy who gets boosted by his premades will hate me and say gtfo and stop playing but no.) Things were fine, of course change can be good but this is too much. ~~Sorry for the grammar~~
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