2 games, 2 afks, 2 losses, fun times

Just completed (miserably) 2 ranked games, currently at platinum 5 (mmr might be around high gold, only 50%win rate after a huge loss streak), and in both games (me as support thresh both times) my adc afks. in the first game the caitlyn did not connect for the entire 35minutes (except at the very last second, when they took the nexus). and the second ashe was there for maybe 10 minutes then constantly started a chain of disconnecting. The first game me and the team decided i should attempt and adc build on the thresh to provide more damage. but it was too little too late. second game i went proper support build but again just massively being out numbered in every fight. I can provide names of the afk's although i dont really care about them aslong as i dont queue with them again (although i hope riot bans them from ranked for other peoples sake, if this is a recurring theme for both these players to afk). The reason im annoyed, and writing here today, is why does the system think this is acceptable for me to receive a loss for both these matches. surely that isnt a fair way to determine a players skill level in a game which from the first second (in respect to the first game) is a 4v5 i know this is a rare occurrence, and i dont know the current statistics but i remember at one point, u had a 17% chance of winning a 4v5. i mean that doesnt seem fair. and as for the 'remake' system, im not sure if it is ingame yet but even then it has to be done before 3 minutes (right? correct me if im wrong) and in that time u dont know if someones full afk or if theyve just gone for a drink or something. its not a fair system to deal with and tbh i am a little salty over this like i said i dont care about these players and their punishments it doenst bother me. what bothers me is im trying to climb and improve as a player, and i know the mistakes i personally made in that game. but even if i played the best game of my life. the statistics would still be the favour of the other team winning. and that isnt a fair system to judge players on. rant over doubt anyone will read/care about this but im so salty now so rather vent my anger in this post and see what other people think about this issue, than go into another game and just flame or something. personally i think there should be some kind of system, scan or test to check a players connection before theyre allowed into ranked which would prevent players with AOL Dial-up connection playing in ranked knowing that their internet is god dam aweful.
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