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Hello! First,my reason because i post this thread: Currently,im gold 5,with main champions Fiora/Leona/Amumu. But,i started to practice a lot Vi at normal games(for now really good,last 20 matches-16w4l),and i want to get her as my next main champion. So,i need some advices. First of all,abilities. In first 3 levels i take W-E-Q,and later i love to max first W,then E and finnaly last Q. Second,build. This is example of some my full build. {{item:3047}} {{item:3707}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3022}} and last item depending from the situation at the game,it could be {{item:3026}} or {{item:3068}} or {{item:3143}} or maybe noob damage item on her if they are squishy - {{item:3748}} . Third,gameplay. If im at purple side,i go first golems-red-blue (3lvl) and first gank. But,if i'am at the blue side,i go first frog and then to invade enemy red. Sometimes,this is really good because i take enemy red+firstblood(10%),sometimes just take enemy red(80%),but sometimes i come there too late(10%). Thats my tactic for jungling. First drake try is at 5 or 6lvl,get pink ward+trinket,and thats really efective because in most situations enemy support dont ward drake so early. Fourth,my worst problem. Im greedy. If i see fuking Soraka accidentaly somewhere at the map and close to me,il chase her until she die or until i die or until i realize that 4 guys coming to kill me,but sometimes its too late. I always want to improve that and become better,but in that moment,i dont know what happened to me. Also,sometimes i get nervous if im having bad game and rest of team flame each other,and i dont think too much about my gameplay.. Well,thats all. Anyway,i kinda love to play with her,a really good damage,escape from every situation with Q,also,in last 15-20 games i think i 3-4 times steal baron when all of my teammates was dead,Q over the wall,smite,and flash back over the wall. I need advice from someone who knows her good and i want to make her my main champion for next season. Thank you for patience to read this and thank you for help!

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