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Iam another frustrated support main, I know preseason can be a complete clown fiesta, but this patch makes no fun at all. The changes to support items are horrible, new dragons are badly designed and the new Item "Sanguine Blade" is a bad joke. A little bit more detail: Support Items: First i tell you what i like about the new support items. The items now upgrade automaticly when the quest is completed, that is a great change cause before a lot of people just left it on stage 2 since the stage 3 upgrade gave no major bonus. You just wanted the wards. i think i never upgradet to stage 3 in the entire season. We now have a range champion version of the execution trinket, i always wanted that. But thats it, litteraly every other change is crap. The stats on the items are badly placed, i dont want/need AP/AD on Leona or Taric but i dont have a choice. I look at the stats and think "I would like to trade this 3 AD for another 30 HP". The lost of mana regen and CDR is also a thing i cant understand, you removed stats that supports wanted and gave them stuff they dont rearly care about. Than we have the income limit. The maximum ammount of gold that can be acquired with the new items is 1000. After that you cant get gold annymore and on top of that you cant execute minions annymore, so you lose utility, executing Cannon and Siege Minions, aswell. You also have to take in mind, that you still pay 400 gold for the item in the first place and with that effectivly only gain 600 gold from it to invest into items. I see a lot of people here on the forum commenting that supports should be greatfull for the free item upgrade but seriously, the items from before, that only got upgradet once since stage 3 was a minor upgrade gave x2 to x3 times that ammount over the course of a 30 minute + game. Than the proaching debuff. I had a game where my ADC disconnected at game start and i had to play alone for 4 minutes, of course i try to last hit the minions and to get the most of that sittiuation but the game punishs me for doing so by reducing the gold i get! I litteraly get punished for playing support by the new items! So i end up having way less gold than before, not being able to buy the stuff that i want to buy and if you are falling behind you dont even get your first item completed before minute 20. So i started to just sell the support item each time it hit stage 3 and bought a new one to generate gold again, guess what? Yes i got flamed for that, people in my team saw that, pinged me and asked me if iam stupid. I mean they are right, i give away my ward item, but what shall i do else ? living from my 3 gold every 10 seconds ? Support is already the least played position in the rift and now people who actualy enjoy it like me get a slap across the face from Riot that tells you "NO FUN FOR YOU LOL". So since i dont get support on my role, not from Riot and not from my fellow team mates, you can go and support yourself than, i switch lane untill that joke of a patch has been corrected. I can see the times people getting autofilled permanently dodging comming back.
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